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Step 1:  Know Your Numbers

Have you been actively collecting and recording your results? Do you know how many leads are being generated and from where?

Do you honestly know your conversion rate of those leads? How much do customers spend each time they buy?

At ActionCOACH, we deal with 2 types of entrepreneurs those WHO KNOW the numbers and those WHO DON'T KNOW their number.

The key principle of business is that a business MUST make a profit, but you can't make a profit or how to improve your results without knowing your numbers!

If you are not making a profit, then why are you in business? Rather go and get a job working for somebody elsewhere you don’t have the risk and stress that comes with owning a business. Harsh reality – Yes, but it is the truth….

So, let's get you on track to build your business and learn those numbers!


Action Steps: 

Collect and track all your numbers for the 5 Inputs - Number of Leads, Conversion Rate, Number of Transactions, Average Sale & Profit Margins. (If you haven't done this start recording for the next 30 days). This will help you get a clear picture of areas of improvement (See Phase 3).







Step 2: Download and Fill In The 5 Ways Formula

Place all your numbers on the 5 Ways Formula in the column marked "CURRENT" so you can visually see them written down.

Action Steps:

1. On the left-hand column marked "CURRENT", measure your business as it performs right now

2. Set yourself a target for 10% improvement and place the numbers in the "INCREASE" boxes

3. Calculate the new "NEW FORECAST" based upon your predictions

Trouble figuring out your numbers? Book a strategy call and we can talk about you and I collaborating and building all of this together.  >> Click here 


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Step 3: Review The Marketing Leverage Chart

Each column on the Marketing Leverage Chart has multiple strategies that can increase your numbers by 10% or more! All the strategies provided are time tested and have proven results for many businesses. Now, it's time to see what ones will work for you!

Action Steps:  

1. Review each column and find the strategies you would like to explore

2. Circle, at least 5 to 6 strategies in each column

3. Create a list of action steps to help you move forward on each of the strategies

4. Begin implementing them immediately!





Overwhelmed? Not sure how to implement or know which strategies are right for you?  Book a strategy call and we can talk about you and I collaborating and building all of this together.  >> Click here 


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