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Tina Valient is a Real Estate Professional, Author, and Trainer who helps buyers and sellers find the right home and train real estate professional in mastering their craft.



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16 Steps To Real Estate Success – Are you an agent look to scale your business? Tina offers a 2-day workshop to grow your business.

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3 Value Bombs

1) You can't have success without failure.

2) You can make more sales by going for "NO"

3) You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. Start asking questions that will help you better understand who you are trying to reach. Ask for help and support along the way.


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Show Notes

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Today’s Audio MASTERCLASS: Managing Real Estate Market In A Covid-19 World with Tina Valiant

[2:00]–Tina shares something interesting about herself that most people do not know.

  • She was in a car accident which forced her to lose her home. Now, she is a thriving real estate agent, top in the industry. 

[2:48] – Tina shares her unconventional start in entrepreneurship.

  • Initially, she did not set out to start her business. It just became the only way she could do what she wanted.

  • For almost a decade, she worked as a marketing and brand strategist for Fortune 500 companies

  • She went through a quarter-life crisis – this ignited her enthusiasm for personal development.

  • Her obsession grew as she implemented all the things she was learning.

  • A few years later, she planned to try and get a job in HR or learning and development, however, she had a struggle doing so.

  • She realized that the only way she could explore her new passion for coaching, personal development, and help other people is to start her own business.

  • She took an unconventional step by negotiating a part-time senior marketing role in a Fortune 500 company while starting her business and being a mom.

  • She pursued her passion and found a way to make it happen. Eventually, she was able to grow her business. She now has flexibility while doing the work she loves.

[8:26] – Tina shares how she hit the 6-figure milestone despite never being full-time, not having a big email list, and not using paid ads.

  • She was guided by the philosophy:  You have to re-write the rules for your success.

  • Have the courage to ask for what you want, and make things happen on your terms.

  • Build relationships with your ideal audience.

  • The who, knows who, knows who strategy – a warm introduction is always priceless.

  • Gain access to others’ audiences to help grow your own.

[14:50] – What should you focus on first as an entrepreneur just starting out?

  • “Start with the end in mind” –  identify what are you trying to achieve.

  1. Nail your niche – know who are you trying to attract.

  2. Create connections first – remember that it is not about you, it is about the people you can help.

  3. Demonstrate your value – make sure to have something that people can engage with.

[19:22] –  Holly talks about helping clients nail their niche.

  • People look for someone who has the expertise that they need and who understands their passion.

  • If you focus, then everything will fall into place.

  • Have the courage to let your audience know what you do and who you help. With this, you make it easy for your audience to find you, connect with you, and refer you to others.

  • People will pay more if you have the expertise.

[24:57] – A timeout to thank our sponsors, ZipRecruiter and Klaviyo!

[27:43] – How can you make your first sale when you have zero audiences and no one knows your name?

  • Avoid comparing yourself to industry leaders.

  • Remember that there are enough clients for everyone.

  • Tell your existing networks what you are doing.

[32:06] – How true is it that a lot of people feel like they can’t stand out because it’s all been done before?

  • You still have the chance to stand out, you just have to stop trying to be ultra original – just be real.

  • Listen to your audience, and be relatable.

  • Keep in mind that it is not about you, it is about the people you can help.

  • Package up your brilliance. Quit hiding your brilliance because the world needs what you have.

[35:50] – How can you build the confidence to promote a high ticket offer as a startup?

  • Holly offered her first coaching package for $3,000, and she also had an $80,000 contract.

  • You can build confidence by knowing what you are selling, focusing on it, and identifying how you are going to go about it.

  • Remember that people are buying a solution to their problems. Listen to the problem so you can provide a solution to it.

[40:19] – What is the most overlooked opportunity that can help Fire Nation grow their audience and make more sales?

  • The most overlooked opportunity is not telling your audience what you are doing.

  • You can make more sales by creating a level of intrigue around what you are doing, and giving your audience a clear call to action.

  • If you do not have an audience yet, you can go to the people you have an existing relationship with.

[42:23] – Holly’s parting piece of guidance

  • You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. Start asking questions that will help you better understand who you are trying to reach. Ask for help and support along the way.

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