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Tip 5: Don't Interrupt

We are taught as children that it's rude to interrupt. It sends the message that; "I'm more important than you are", "I don't really care what you think", "I don't have time for your opinion" but yet many people still do it! STOP!

Action Steps:  

We all speak and think at different rates so make sure you’re patient, watch your rate of speed, and be relaxed. Remember the burden is on you if you speak and think at a faster rate.

Tip 6: Don't impose your "Solutions".

Don't always assume someone wants a "solution" to their problem, sometimes they just wish to be heard and listened too.

Action Steps:  

Ask permission to offer a solution or advice! Make sure the person is open to receive it before sharing it.

Tip 7: Body Language

Without even speaking your body language can say a lot about you and them. It's best to be aware of how you are standing and acting while conversating with someone.

Action Steps:  

1. Stand facing the person in a relaxed position (Don't have your arms crossed)

3. Keep eye contact - Looking away makes you appear uninterested

4. Provided feedback with a nod, smile and use acknowledging words (uh, I see, yeah) but don't overdo it.

Tip 8: Pay Attention To What Isn't Being Said - Nonverbal Cues

A majority of communication is non-verbal and we can glean a great deal of it without even saying a word. Remember words only convey a fraction of the message.

Action Steps:  

Make sure you pay close attention to someone's tone of voice, detect any boredom, irritation, and excitement, watch the expression around the eyes, set of the mouth, and the slope of the shoulders.


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Tip 1:  Stop Talking

​You can't listen while you're talking! There is a reason why we were given two ears and one mouth.


Action Steps: 

Wait until the person completes their full thought. If there is a break then that would be a time to interject. Talking over someone is rude and unprofessional.

Tip 2: Empathize

Put yourself in the other person's shoes. Find out what's going on over there in their world before you act or assume something.

Action Steps:

Listen with an empathetic ear and ask questions to get a full understand of what's going on

Tip 3: Get the Full Picture

Make it your business to find out what's the other person is saying, meaning, and feeling. Be INTERESTED Not  INTERESTING in understanding them.

Action Steps:

Listen carefully and ask questions! Show the person you are listening by repeating back what they said so you are both clear.


Tip 4: Ask Questions

To make sure you understand and elicit clarity.  Remember the basics; Who? What? When? Where? & How?

Action Steps:

People love talking about themselves so let them share with you!

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