Is a Certified Business Coach, who focuses on providing business owners accountability, strategies, and results. Len comes from a long family line of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

He began his start selling collectibles and over time forged a career in real estate. Being exposed to personal development as a teenager he created a thirst to understand more about people's desire for success, overcoming fear, and ability to have it all.

Len is trained in life & business coaching, hypnosis, N.L.P. and has a degree from The Pennsylvania State University in criminal justice.


He is the co-host and coach of the Extraordinary Being Movement.


Len DeCarmine

Chris Shiver

He is a certified N.L.P. Coach focused on 1-2-1 coaching for relationships and well versed in Ericksonan suggestion (hypnosis). 

Being born and raised on Seychelles islands he has an eclectic background in Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Coaching and Clinical Research.


He holds an associate degree from New Mexico Military Institute and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Arizona State University with a focus in Cognitive Neuroscience.


In addition, he is the Operations Coordinator for PSiO, "The New Yoga For the Mind", light therapy glasses to help with depression, anxiety and so much more. Learn more - Click Here!

He is the co-host and coach of the Extraordinary Being Movement.


Chris Shiver

Fred MArtinez

Brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the areas of high performance mindset for athletes. Being an athlete for over 40 years competing in track as a sprinter at the division one level and being and Olympic weightlifter representing the U.S. in international competitions.


He is certified in N.L.P. high performance coaching, certified in sports performance hypnosis, six sigma green belt certified and has a degree in electrical engineering.


Fred is the CEO and Founder of Mindset Coaching 4 Success. He works on the mind as it relates to the five pillars of finance, relationship, communication, business leadership and health & fitness.


He is the co-host and coach for the Extraordinary Being Movement.


Fred Martinez

Julian Allison

Is the Chairman and CEO of Central City Media, L.L.C. , who houses great stations as Hits 100 Phoenix, Talk Central Phoenix, and E.B.M. Radio.


Mr Allison's history in radio began in high schools at the age of 16 when he worked as an on-air announcer in his native Des Moines, Iowa; he went on to work in Phoenix at the number of radio station at the time, KKFR Power 92 and also KZZP Phoenix.


Julian focuses his strengths on producing outstanding podcast shows and delivering amazing radio programs, content, and marketing.

He is the production manager for the Extraordinary Being Movement.


Julian Allison

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