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EBM chats with...Becky Norwood
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Learn how to bring your treasured gifts to the world

Becky Norwood is the CEO of Spotlight Publishing™, #1 International Bestselling author, speaker & book publishing expert. Becky expertly guides her authors to combine the art of storytelling with marketing tools and resources that bring their treasured gifts, wisdom, and expertise to the world in powerful ways.

Become An Aspiring Author

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EBM chats with...Tina Valiant
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REAL ESTATE 2020: How covid-19 has impacted the real estate market

Tina Valiant is a Real Estate Team Leader of an award-winning team who started real estate 20+ years ago in Florida and Activated her Associate Broker License in AZ. She combined her Timeshare Sales and Training Experience with being a Master Negotiator for Law Offices for ten years into a workshop to teach real estate Agents how to truly sell.

Real Estate In Today's World

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EBM chats with...Deanna Marie
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DISCOVer the benefits of being single and the power of self love!

Deanna is a holistic dating coach and speaker. Her mission is to guide passionate, ambitious woman on their hero’s journey to love themselves, and discover true happiness after surviving toxic relationships. When she’s not running or reading, you’ll find her enjoying a good cheeseburger or glass of wine.

Learn To Love Yourself!

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EBM chats with...Alexander Richmond
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Alexander Richmond, a transformation coach, former Olympic wrestler, a political prisoner, a world-champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, an International Trainer and Speaker, and leadership expert.

Mindfulness in Today's World!

EBM chats with...Abigail Gazda
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how you can unleash the most authentic version of yourself!

Abigail is the CEO of Hearts Unleashed, a full-service transformation company committed to empowering people to operate with full freedom, power, and self-expression in every area of life.

Discovering Your Authentic Self

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