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Step 1:  Reflect - On Areas Of Your Life!

Think how you wish to spend your time now and how you would like to balance this out evenly.  Reflect on the areas of your life such as work, family, friends, travel, health and take control of your time by proportioning ample time for each one.


Action Steps:  

Create a Top 10 List of...

1. Time Consuming Tasks

2. Stressful Tasks

3. Productivity Related Tasks

4. Most Enjoyable Tasks

Review your Top 10 List and see which ones you can delagate, delete, defer, or do!

Step 2: Review - Stephen Covey's Time Target Quadrant

Get a clear understanding of items on your task sheet that are important, urgent, not important, and not urgent.

Action Steps:

Take out a piece of paper and break down your tasks into four quadrants (Important/Urgent, Important/Not Urgent, Urgent/Not Important, Not Important/Not Urgent). This will give you a better perspective on planing out the different tasks so you know were to place them on your schedule.



Step 3: Record - Download the Time Strategy Worksheet!

Start out slow and start planning your Time Strategy Worksheet. This will give you an opportunity to visually see everything laid out in front of you. The worksheet is broken down into 30-minute slots so you can manage everything accordingly. Begin to create good self-discipline with your time and you will see quickly how much time you truly have to enjoy!

Action Steps:  

1. Download the Time Strategy Worksheet

2. Fill in all your important tasks first which should be all your personal time and family time

3. Fill in all your other day to day activities such as meetings, lunch, emails, travel, etc.

4. Delegate any non-essential activities to someone else to manage

5. Schedule 4 hours to work "ON" your business each week


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